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Passover is a joyous festival celebrated yearly by Jewry world round. Always falling near the Christian holiday of Easter (March/April) its message is a timely one of redemption. The traditional Passover Seder may last as long as 4 hours. From the telling of the story of Israel’s redemption from Egyptian bondage, to the sumptuous banquet feast served, to the joyous songs that are sung, Jewish hearts are united as one.

For the Christian: Passover is a Jewish festival that needs to be understood. The roots of Christianity are in biblical Judaism. Communion is an ordinance given to the church that has its origin in the Jewish Passover. It was Jesus Himself who instituted the Lord’s supper—communion—at His last Passover Seder. An understanding of the Passover is vital to a Christian’s understanding of his biblical heritage.

For the Jew: The separation of Judaism and Christianity basically turns on the question of the Messiahship of Jesus. The Passover message, properly understood as originally given and presently celebrated, helps bridge this gap of separation. Not that biblical Christianity is a continuation of biblical Judaism…it is not. Biblical Christianity, though, is wholly consistent with biblical Judaism. The Passover message in our Seder today will shed light on God’s promise of redemption through the true Passover Lamb, Jesus the Messiah.

This Haggadah has been thoughtfully put together for the above two purposes.  For the Christian its purpose is to shed light on his biblical roots and to help him better understand the Jewish Passover and the debt of love that is due the Jewish people. For Jewish people it is offered in the hope that they might see their promised Passover lamb, the Messiah of Israel, and the message of Him that is veiled in modern Jewry’s Passover Seder.

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