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Where do we find true peace?
Do we find it in the absence of war?
Do we find it in good family relationships?
Do we find it in business success?
Do we find it in education?
Do we find it in the absence of conflict?
Do we find it in religious activity?

The above activities can give peace to some degree, but the peace any of these provide is transitory at best. True peace is only found in the God of Israel. He is unchanging and the peace He gives is not dependent on any of the above activities which can change without notice.

This 16 page booklet will challenge Jewish people to consider the Bible as our final authority and Jesus as the Messiah. It will show what an individual needs to know to have peace with God and how to get His peace.


Most Jewish people believe you can’t be Jewish and Christian. In fact, when these terms are correctly understood, a Jewish person will realize you can be Jewish and Christian. This provocative title can be used to challenge Jewish people about considering whether this is possible and also whether or not Jesus is the Messiah. One Jewish Christian commented this 16 page booklet was “well written, easy to read and understand, and what Jewish people need to read.”







There is no more crucial necessity for Jewish people than correctly identifying the Messiah. The major messianic prophecies of the Jewish Bible are examined in this 16 page pamphlet to help identify the Messiah of Israel. Historical Jewish sources are also used to show that these passages have been understood by the Jewish community to be prophecies of the Messiah. One veteran of Jewish missions said “this one on Messianic prophecy was the best one I have ever read.”







This study from the Old Testament on the Tri-unity of God will help equip you to understand the nature of God. Bible believing Christians believe in one God but within this unity of God is three persons. This 16 page pamphlet is an excellent resource for sharing the Tri-unity of God with Jewish people as well as members of such groups as Jehovah Witnesses.






There is no Jewish celebration more beloved by Jewry than the Passover Seder. For millennia Jewish people have gathered around the Seder table to read the story of the Passover as told in the Haggadah. The youngest child asks four questions from the Haggadah which are answered by the leader of the Seder. This 16 page booklet asks, and answers, four questions about Passover that go to the heart of what every Jewish person should know about this beloved festival. It will impact your understanding of Passover, as well as what God intended us to learn, in a way that can change your life.